The Blockchain: Decentralized trust to unlock a decentralized future

O’Reilly pumps out so much information, it’s hard to keep up  with them. But this one is choice.

It promotes blockchain, but I would even take it farther and create a virtual currency that is completely open. Everyone would know where all the money is, and who it belongs to. That would be really interesting!

These experts propose something more moderate:

Sensing these problems, developers are looking to blockchain technology as a potential decentralized solution for establishing trust among IoT devices. In early 2015, IBM unveiled a prototype that ran on the public blockchain of Ethereum. There’s still a lot to be learned from how models like IBM’s interface with an IoT ecosystem, but trials such as one underway in the Isle of Man could show a way forward. The devil will be in the details, but there’s a general view among many systems engineers that the blockchain’s distributed architecture offers a valid framework for tackling IoT’s security challenges.

We have to do something – why not do something smart?


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