The Market Economy Treated Everything the Same Way

This made for great efficiency – all of society’s resources could be focused on any task in the same way. But eventually, this inability to discern radically different categories of being, was an insurmountable handicap, that resulted in its collapse.

Computer Software is beginning to notice the difference between people and things – but it faces considerable resistance to this. Most of the population wants a return to a simpler model of the world that they can understand. And which, they think – will make them rich and powerful again.

The possibility of a radically different model of the world is something they cannot begin to comprehend. Their Stone Age minds have been stretched as far as they can go – and they can go no further. Some sort of collapse is inevitable – .and, in fact, is going on right now!

Allow me to summarize this. The Industrial (or Market) economy was built on a simple, but efficient, model of the world, where everything was treated the same way. Because it was thought of in the same way.

A more sophisticated model of the world was not something they wanted to consider. And, in fact – was something they rejected vigorously.

The minds who could accept this, quickly gained the upper hand. And their Software is now running the world.

Everyone else – the 99 percent – are noticing nothing!


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