Being Good to Ourselves

This should be easy and natural. But for Americans in the 21st Century – it is nearly impossible. And has been for over a hundred years.

You may say “Prove it! ” But I am not going to bite on that bait. If you cannot see that on your own, without my prompting you – you will never see it.

I will proceed as though, you think there might be some truth in my assertion – and want to check it out. Fair enough. You can see something is wrong – but you don’t know exactly what it is.

Believe me, you know a lot.

  • You have a fuzzy feeling that something is wrong.
  • But you have no idea where to go from there.


Compare yourself to someone who knows everything – and is certain that the present situation needs no fixing – and is certain that things are in such bad shape, that the end is near. Both.

Which would you rather be?

If you prefer being imperfect – you prefer being human – and are capable of liking (or even loving) your imperfect self.

And others like you.


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