Not Interested

How often I hear this! “I’m not interested in your stuff.” Whatever it is.

They will not say “I’m not interested in you.” But this is clearing the feeling behind the message. It’s just a polite way of saying “Drop dead!”

The net effect of this, is to keep persons from expressing themselves at all. Because other people will say “I don’t want to hear about it.” Whatever it is.

The net effect is a society in serious decline.

This is where we have to start from – a society in serious decline. Not an unusual situation at all – every society in history ends up this way – vanishing from the scene. And ours will be no different.And, as always, the people involved will not notice this. This is the nature of social decline – the people involved never notice it happening to them.

Our case is especially serious – because our computer technology is advancing rapidly – while our ability to cope with this technology is declining – not rapidly, perhaps, but definitely declining.

What on earth happened?

Many, many things – and sorting them out, is more than my feeble mind can accomplish. But I can use a convenient label – Industrialization. A method of mechanizing society. This had beneficial effects, and detrimental effects. The detrimental effects were very serious – and resulted in WWI, the Depression, and WWII – including the Holocaust. But worst of all – a society unable to understand what was going on.

This was the situation inherited by my parent’s generation, in the Fifties – and they could not begin to understand it. Even today, looking back at it – it is hard to understand. And I am back to asking the same question “What happened?”

But I have an answer this time – we decided to not understand. And all our troubles vanished! If we did not see them – they did not exist.

We felt much better – but our problems did not go away – instead they got much worse!


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