Software Objects Have a Notion of Self

When I read this, it hit me right between the eyes. Splat!

I had the intuition that Objects were modeled on People – and now I’m convinced I was right.

I can remember the Object Oriented Programming (OOP) craze of the Nineties – and it was clearly just that – the latest fad. These things happen in the Software World. Software is made by people – and people are subject to crazy ideas. That sometimes become useful – but are always unstable.

Software Objects are People in a new disguise – but this disguise is not hard to penetrate. Both own property (money or data) – and both have ways of managing their property (institutions or code).

Currently, Software is obsessed with Data – and obsession is the right word. Data is money, and they want more, more, more of it.

This also happened in the discovery of the New World. Its Silver mines made the Spanish Empire the richest in the world. But two hundred years later, Spain was poor compared to the Dutch and the English.

If you don’t know how to use your money (or your data) – it won’t do you much good.

Software has moved ahead, but People have moved backwards – because they are not aware of their own programming.


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