Microsoft’s Technical Toys

I thought of calling this Getting in Bed with Microsoft. Because Microsoft want you to get in bed with it, and it only – and never leave!

I just went through the process of installing the latest version of Microsoft’s Visual Studio – the longest install I have ever gone through. But Microsoft knows how to handle long processes like this – I once did a routine upgrade of the Windows 7 I was using, that included 230 updates. It was the middle of the night before my computer finished – but worked fine, and still does!

Microsoft has to do many updates because its code is so buggy. It is getting better at doing these updates as soon as they are discovered. There is a whole industry out there, sniffing out these bugs – and our welfare depends on them.

Microsoft wants developers – because once it has them, it has all those lovely people that use the programs they develop. To keep its developers happy, it has many toys for them. And oodles of documents that explain them. Check this out Project Bletchley – Corda Distributed Ledger available on Azure.

Microsoft in the past has promised more than it could deliver. And has engaged in many unethical business practices. For this reason it had been called the Evil Empire. But it seems to be cleaning up its act.


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