Promises That are Not Usually Kept

I am reading Thinking in Promises that has made me think about thinking – and promises in general.

A recent tendency is to think of possible outcomes as percentages. When this strategy is applied to promises made between people, however, the results are often depressing.

Take, for example, our Wedding Vows.  I don’t have access to accurate statistics – but I don’t need them. In my immediate family, this is about 1 in 3. And in some families it is much worse.

I’m reminded of a man I knew in NYC – who went to an upper-class wedding, and afterward congratulated the mother of the bride on what a good match it was. “Yes.” she replied “It was a good first marriage!”

When we make these vows, we have every intention of fulfilling them. I certainly did. But five years later, Beth told me to leave.

I still believe she did her best – but that was not good enough.


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