The Programming That Controls People

I have resisted using this idea because Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) has come up with this same idea (or at least the same words)  – but has done nothing with them. It assumes people are machines – and their problems can be cured with some simple mechanical adjustments – or some simple reprogramming. It is one of many therapies that claim a quick fix is possible – and will not look any deeper.

The result is the insanity and destructiveness of our time.

At the risk of being too simple myself – I will assert that our main problem is our hatred of people (ourselves) – that has reached monumental proportions. This is a situation so horrible, we cannot even contemplate it.

This attitude can be considered a program. A very powerful one, with many feedback loops that keep making it worse.

People will say “What program? I don’t see any – and neither does anyone else.” And they are almost right – 99 percent of the people see nothing – even as they are controlled by it. When it is all around them – in the air that they breathe, in the offices they work in.

As a result, they have developed the perfect response – they have become nothing, and cannot be held responsible for anything that is going on.

How on earth can people become nothing? I have no idea, this baffles me also – but, to my amazement, I see it has happened.


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