The Advantages of Being a Machine

These advantages go back to the beginning of Civilization – where larger, better organized people became empires, and took over. Because they became mechanized.

The biggest advantage here was probably in the Military – the most successful empires had the best armies and navies. Ones that operated as machines.

Another advantage was in Trade – trading networks operated as machines – with goods being transported over vast distances.

This resulted ultimately in the Roman Empire – a machine, but a defective one – that eventually broke down. It failed because its parts were human – and prone to irrational behavior.

This is a pattern that would be repeated over and over – people compose themselves into huge machines that are defective – because they are not machines themselves.

They are living organisms, and not machines. And cannot be made into machines  at all.

At the present time, we have the same problem. Global networks that are not working – because people cannot be made into machines. And react violently to any attempt to make them this way.

This is not smart, to say the least. We have to act like machines in some ways – but people in other ways. A tricky balancing act – but one that has to be done.

The first part of any solution is recognizing the problem. But I do not see this happening.


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