Too Much, Too Fast

I treat my blog like people used to treat their diary – as someone or someplace I can confide in. At the same time, living in a small town in Costa Rica – I can see my neighbors doing the same thing – with each other. Socializing endlessly. Since I am socially aware, I take notice of this contrast.

I can see the contrast between two cultures. and wonder where we are going – “we” being all of us, in our defective global culture. It is defective, I can see that. But I can also see that almost no one recognizes this. It’s too scary to consider seriously. Or at least they think it is.

We live in a world that is not working. That’s the long and short of it  – and should not be hard to grasp. But we are not grasping it. Why?

I think – and this is only my thinking – that we have tried to do too much, too fast. And ended up not being able to understand anything. The human mind has to understand what is going on – and when it loses this understanding, it is lost. And everything collapses, until things become simpler, and understandable again.

Meanwhile, people have taken the easy way out – and have stopped thinking! They can think about little things, easily enough. But when they try to widen their focus – they see too much, they panic, and go back to narrow thinking again.

Nothing in this world, will make them start wide thinking again.


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