Unconscious Attitudes

It pays to take the widest possible view of things – including our unconscious views.

A society’s attitude toward the unconscious is very telling – usually they want to deny it. Which is not surprising, since the unconscious exists for the purpose of concealing from our minds – attitudes we do not want to know about. And it is very clever about how it does this.

Any honest person will admit they have unconscious attitudes, or biases – and try to discover what they are. And encourage other people to help them in this process.

This is made difficult because we are religious, emotional beings – preferring supernatural explanations. These can be harmonized with objective (or scientific) explanations. But there has to be a conscious desire to achieve (and maintain) this highly desirable state of affairs.

The first breakthrough in this direction was Newton’s physics. That cleverly hid God’s presence in some natural (and mathematical) laws. Belief in these laws was disrupted by Einstein’s Quantum Mechanics – that he was not comfortable with personally – but were shown to be accurate and useful.

But most people preferred to ignore this – and in fact, fought it tenaciously. They wanted God, and would accept no substitutes! Even as this produced a series of wars that ended with the Holocaust.

This should have made us carefully reconsider what we had done – but this did not happen. We were distracted by two new inventions – Television and the Computer. Which, for most people, amount to the same thing – new ways of being entertained!

I have closely followed the developments in Software, in which human ingenuity has been exercised very effectively. And have noticed something astonishing – the people who develop software are made smarter. While the people who use its products (especially Facebook and Twitter) are made stupider!


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