When We Lose Interest in the World, It Loses Interest in Us

This is the situation we are in now – and we are not worried about it. As far as we are concerned, we can do without the rest of the world.

How did we get in such a strange place? To understand ourselves now, we have to understand our past – which is nearly impossible because we don’t want to understand anything – how we are now, or how we have been in the past.

Our society has undergone a partial collapse – we can function partially – our bodies still work the same as before, but our minds have gone off on their own – and live in another world. And overall, we consider this a big improvement.

I’m reminded of what the people in my family’s church used to say “Be in the world, but not of it!” This church is now gone – but its rule still applies. Our bodies are part of the world – but our minds are not.

Where are they?

Yesterday I saw where they had gone – in a sight I could hardly miss. I was seated at local fast food place (the kind of place they call a soda) where three young men were seated at the next table. They were all intently looking at their smartphones – and not at anything else. This is unusual behavior for Ticos, who are very social – and there was a lot going on around them. They were in another world.

One that the cell phone companies had made just for them. Anything they could possibly want was there.

At the same time, I am learning how that world works – by taking an online course on C#, a Microsoft language used to create the online spaces, that fascinate everyone.

There are at least three worlds – the world of mass and forces, invented by Newton – the Computer Cloud, where everything online lives and breathes – and the world of software developers, who are pulling all the strings in the background, creating the illusions everyone believes in.

We live in a multi-dimensional world – the same world we have always lived in – with the addition of a few more dimensions.


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