Being Superior

This is something Americans believe in passionately – and explains much of their strange behavior. It is not a conscious belief – it is too ridiculous for that. But being unconscious makes it more powerful – because it can be acted on more easily.

What is it, exactly?

They are not saying they are morally superior – because they cannot claim that. The closest I can rephrase it is – military superiority. And America does have that – the most powerful military in the world, several times over. It is not a very smart military – but Americans do not think that necessary. Brute strength will do.

American superiority is backed up (rather strongly) by its military superiority. And, under cover of this – a smug moral superiority.

What happens when the American military is not enough to demonstrate America’s overwhelming superiority? Which is the situation right now, in Afghanistan. Americans go crazy – and will do anything to get their power back – even electing a demagogue, who is promising them just this – to make America strong again!

This is not the first time this has happened. In the Thirties, the Germans (the most advanced people in the world, at the time) elected Hitler! And followed this madman to their doom.

Americans did not have to panic – their situation was not really that bad – they were the leaders in Software (and still are). But they did not understand this – only power at the end of a rifle, or a missile.

America is no longer the most powerful nation in the world – but doesn’t have to be. It can share power easily.

But sharing power internally is another matter. Figuring out how to do this, would make America (and the whole world) powerful again.


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