The Normal Person

The normal person has no understanding of the culture he is part of – and considers this a huge advantage. He does not get in the way of whatever it is trying to do. Whatever that is.

A classical education was one that made the student aware of the world he was in – and gave him the desire to improve on it. It took its model from the Roman Republic, where men (and they were always men) were expected to demonstrate their ability to manage (and improve on) one of the functions of the state – or, as we would say now, part of the economy.

Some of this survives in our time, in the world of Business. Where business managers (often referred to as Captains of Industry) are expected to make their companies larger and more profitable. At the expense of everything else. “What’s good for General Motors, is good for the USA!”

This attitude is slowly changing in our time – when people are gradually becoming aware that everything effects everything else – and that everyone should benefit from Society’s progress. The important word here is should. We have no idea how to do this – because it contradicts the assumptions of the Industrial Economy. Where everything was separate from everything else. And income inequality was normal.

Our problem now is too many people. How on earth can they all get part of the action?

The answer is – they can’t. Widespread poverty is not desirable – but it cannot be eliminated, and will have to be endured.

I see this in action, as I continue to learn Computer Programming. I am taking an excellent course from Udemy that cost me $10. It is stretching my 79-year mind, but any bright high school kid could pick it up easily. And could rapidly become a highly-paid computer professional. But I don’t see many kids doing this. Why?

Because their culture is telling them not to.

They want to be normal – and a normal person does not do this.

They are supposed to be nothing – and that is what they become.


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