To Be a Success

To be a success, you have to be part of the successful world.

The world is now divided into two parts – the successful people (maybe 1 percent) and the unsuccessful ones (the 99 percent).

I see this as, strictly by accident – as I am back learning Computer Programming again (something I did for a living in the Eighties). The successful people are, in one way or another, now part of the Computer World – or, as they like to say, the Computer Ecosystem.

You will hear this – in order to be part of this world, you will have to go back to college and get a degree of some kind. Bad advice! The world now moves much too fast, for such a slow process.

You can start running right now – leave everyone else behind – and jump on the fast train to success.

But you probably will not do this – because you would leave everyone else behind!


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