People Must Be Nothing for Everything to Work

This was certainly the prevailing belief a short time ago. People had to get out of the way so other things could take over, and make everything work properly. They were not supposed to think about what those other things were – all they had to do was take care of their own job – and everything else would work out fine.

Except it didn’t work out fine – there was the American Civil War (the first Industrial war), WWI, the Depression, and WWII, with its Holocaust. Something was clearly wrong – but we were told (very forceably) that everything was all right – and the People (and the Government) had to keep their hands off the steering wheel.

But people were not satisfied – they thought they were important, and they wanted their voice to be heard.How this would have worked out, we don’t know – because something else came on the scene, and changed everything – the Computer!

We are now in the middle of a transition from one kind of economy to another. Where the vast majority of the people are noticing nothing. They had become nothing, and could notice nothing.

But Computer People did notice something – that people were important, because their Software was running the world! And they had to work together to make this happen.

It’s not that simple – the Computer companies are still companies, out to make a profit. But they also realize they have to clean up their act, and make the world better.

How this will all work out – no one knows. But it’s going to be quite a show!


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