What has the Computer Done To Us?

I did not ask what the Computer had done for us – which is the way this question is usually phrased. It has given us marvelous new capabilities – but also huge new problems. It is the problems I want to write about today.

It has made Business more powerful – but at the same time, it has made People less powerful.

What do I mean by Business and People?

By Business (business with a capital B) I mean Big Business – Global Business, in fact. It can now prey on everyone, everywhere. It has given the worst kind of people the most power. And we should not be surprised by what they are doing with it.

What do I mean by People? I mean the mass of people – who were trained by Industrialization to be workers in its factories. They were supposed to do their job – and not question what they were doing. They were parts of the Industrial Machine.

The Computer is the latest machine – and it is doing what machines always do – form large organizations of people, that can be used by the rich and powerful – to become richer and more powerful.


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