I continue to wonder how people’s minds really work. But I am not getting much help with this – the most important problem that we have. Everyone seems to to be talking around it – instead of getting to grips with it.

I am forced to conclude that we have gotten into such a bad state – that we can’t cope with it. We have gone into mental and emotional overload – and make all kinds of strange mistakes as a result. We assumed we would always be thinking beings (homo sapiens) – when this is clearly no longer the case.

This also applies to our intellectuals – who can think very well, but cannot imagine people who cannot. We have uncovered a huge defect in the operation of the human mind. That is not too surprising, since it is dependent on the human brain – an organ so complex we cannot imagine how it works. It’s a wonder our minds can function at all.

We should regard them as miracles of human evolution – and not expect too much of them. And expect them to break down at critical moments. Such as the present – that is crammed with new technologies (such as TV and the Computer) that are impacting us in so many ways.

I know this is expecting a lot – that we retain a part of us, that can stand aside and watch our insane behavior from a distance. But this is precisely what we have to do. And we have done, at various times, in the past.

We have to realize that we can self-destruct – have done so many times in the past – and are doing so now.


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