Machine Learning at McDonald

Yesterday I bought four Pollo Bacons at a McDonald in Cartago, the nearest large town, where I go shopping once a week.

The time before last it took a long time to get this same order – yesterday, not much time at all. I could see the manager himself, hard at work in the kitchen – making a lot of Pollo Bacons. What happened?

McDonald is completely automated. Everything that happens in the store – and I mean everything – is recorded, stored in a local database – and then uploaded to a Master Computer somewhere in the Computer Cloud. This computer then goes to work, analyzing all the data that it receives – and compares that location will all the other locations in Costa Rica.

The manager for this location (and there of four of them in Cartago) is told that his location takes too long to make a Pollo Bacon – and his salary is threatened.

He gets to work, right now!


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