The Best Way to Be Bad

Is to pretend to be good.

This may not fool the people you are out to fool, but it certainly will fool you – the most important person in this destructive little game.

Americans have added their own twist to this process – when they are outside their borders, as they were in Vietnam. They feel they must do this, from time to time – in order to save the world, from heaven knows what.

They dangle the carrot for all to see, but hide the stick from everyone – including themselves.They tell everyone, as loudly as they can, “We are wonderful, and are out to save the world!” Everyone can see this is only a lie – except for the Americans themselves – who swallow it – hook, line, and sinker.

This is puzzling behavior – but standard behavior, for any empire in decline. The dynamics that made it strong, now make it weak.

In the present case, the empire is global – everything is tied together by mass communications – to make for mass idiocy.

Just this morning, I was marveling at how well The Market was responding to my needs by making my espresso machine, and the coffee to go in it. All at reasonable prices. This is nothing short of a miracle!

But a miracle that is destroying itself. The feedback mechanisms that make it work so well, are too narrow – and have produced a lopsided economy, that is good for goods and services – but bad for everything else, including the people in it.

Let me enlarge on that phrase – goods and services. This has become the Holy Grail of our time, and we cannot imagine anything else being so important. This is the mass idiocy I referred to earlier.


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