Two Kinds of People

I’m tempted to call them the stupid and the smart – with the majority of the population being stupid.

Saying this is not going to make me many friends – no one likes being called stupid. But these people are so unaware, they do not notice much of anything. I could even rename my categories to aware and unaware. I’m sure you get the picture.

Why doesn’t everyone get the picture? Because they are scared.

They have decided the only safe way to be – is not to be! And nothing on earth will make them leave their shells, where they feel safe. If the world goes to hell around them – that’s not their problem!

The other strategy that feels safe for them – is War. They feel sure, with their superior numbers, they can defeat anything. Which is as stupid as it can be.

By strange coincidence, this morning I read Is Europe Disintegrating?  He makes his own definitions here, that are well-worth reading.


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