The Appeal of a Wasted Life

I can speak of this from personal experience – since I wasted most of my life. But, unlike most, I did not find this satisfying. And now, looking back at it – I wonder how I survived.

I must begin, like everyone else – with my childhood, that was not a good beginning. But everyone thought it was “How lucky you are to have come from such a wonderful family!”

A good family would teach a child to value himself. Mine did not. I do not know what they valued, but it was not themselves – or other people.

Their role models were people who had wasted their lives – in the service of others, as they were fond of saying. Or, more accurately – in the service of some dictatorship – a charismatic leader, an organization, or idea.

I want to concentrate on the idea – since it seems to have taken over. What was this idea (or ideology)? It was the belief that they were now living in a better world – much better than the natural world.

It is easy to see how this evolved. Beginning in the middle of the 19th Century, we were surrounded by wonderful new capabilities – that made us feel like we were living in another world. In religious terms – Heaven on Earth!

This was not so dangerous, in itself. But it made its believers reject the natural world – the discovery of which, was the ultimate achievement of the Modern World.


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