Does This App Like Me?

Computer users have rights, and they are not afraid of using them. They are always looking for more satisfying experiences – and they will go to great lengths to find them.

At least some of them will – the rest have been too heavily conditioned by Industrialization to think about what they are using – and will go with what everyone else wants.

This change in user behavior, is not something businessmen have accepted easily. They still want to force the users to behave the way they want them to.

In the past, they exhibited cheap trade goods to the savages – who then give them something valuable for them. The users are no longer savages, and they expect modern goods and services for their money.

However, Business is still in control – and is determined to stay that way. They will say the Market is in control – but it’s not hard to see that they control the Market.

If the Computer gives us any lasting advantage – it will be this shift in user behavior. From Consumers (people who cannot think) to Users (people who can think).

Will this actually happen? It’s too soon to tell. But I am skeptical.

Stupidity has been enforced for so long – it’s not likely to change.


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