Why is Everyone Nothing?

Why is no one anything?

This question has been bugging me for some time. But it does not seem to be bothering anyone else.

Perhaps I have inherited some Aristocratic blood somehow – but I cannot imagine from where.

I dabbled in Early American History for awhile – and I noticed there that some of the Founding Fathers (Alexander Hamilton, for example) were extremely capable – but had modest origins.

That gave me the clue I needed. The success of a country depends on the quality of its leaders – and on whether those leaders will encourage other leaders to rise from the common stock.

Everyone can see this. But they cannot see what happens when the upper layers of society decide the lower layers must have no power – and indeed, must not exist!

I’m sure this has happened, and I now must ask when and how it happened.

The when question is easy – sometime in the 19th Century, and continuing into the 20th Century.

The how question is also easy – the pernicious effects of Industrialization, that produced the very rich and the very poor – the rule of the rich – and their determination to keep things that way.

This is common sense. But it  was hard to notice. because it happened so gradually, over such a long time.

And because it was a one-way process. Once it started, it could not be stopped. Until recently, when a collapse of everything appears imminent.

Allow me to summarize. People (nearly everyone) were told not to be – and that is what they became – nothing! The rulers who gave these orders, so confidently, were then overcome by forces they could not control, either.

We have come to the end of a historical period – and considerable chaos is bound to happen as a result.


One thought on “Why is Everyone Nothing?

  1. What we are experiencing is not just the end of the American historical experience but the beginning of the end, for better or worse, of the Greco-Roman order that began about 3000 years ago. What will replace it will probably depend on what’s left to build with.

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