Some Social Situations Cannot Be Fixed

Maybe I should make that stronger – most Social Situations, in our world today, cannot be fixed. This is in stark contrast to the Computer Situation, where enormous progress is being made.

Back in the Nineties, I was working in Silicon Valley – and trying to live there.

I tried nearly every therapy available – and there is every kind imaginable there, with more being invented every day – but none of them wanted to tangle with the Valley itself.

Without saying so – they felt that the Valley was a basic part of the environment – like a fish swimming in water. If you could not stand the water – they could not help you.

They would never, ever say “This place is not a good place for people!” It was a good place for Computers – and that was good enough.

It is now becoming more people-oriented – at least for its users (who are people, after all). And for its developers (who are people also, if rather strange ones). Everyone else must continue to be cogs in the machine (objects, in the Global Economic Machine).

And everyone will continue to say “Nothing bad is going on!”


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