Organizations That Mess Up Completely

And show no remorse as a result. The lack of remorse can be for many reasons.

They may not realize they made a mistake. Perhaps they believe that they could not possibly have made a mistake.

For example, my family were Mormons (Missouri Mormons, not Utah Mormons) The founder of their church, Joseph Smith – was killed by an angry mob in 1844. Did they realize he had made some serious mistakes? No.

They just wanted their church back, and twenty years later, convinced his son Joseph Smith III, to take his father’s place. He did not repeat his father’s mistakes – because he knew nothing about them.He just went to work, getting converts for his church.

Sixty years later, that church failed. Did it realize it had made some serious mistakes? No.

Let’s widen our focus, and speak of America itself. It became a huge success in the middle of the 20th Century -but then weakened. Do Americans admit they have made some serious mistakes? A few do – but most do not.


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