We Want Something Else to be In Control

In control of us. We do not want to put ourselves first.

A certain amount of goal-orientation is desirable in people – but when it gets out of control, it can wreck them. It is now clear to me that things are out of control – and I am asking myself – what’s going on?

This varies from time to time, and from place to place – and I can only answer for America now – certain that this also applies to much else of the world.

The Computer is now in control, or more precisely, the Software that runs the Computer  -and everything else. There are many other power structures around – but this one is now most important..

But most of America’s people are not aware of this – or much of anything else. They have laid down in from of a steam roller – and asked it to roll over them. The flat persons that resulted, are not capable of thinking in three dimensions. Let alone the many dimensions of a Software-dominated world.

Sometime in the future, I will analyze the paragraph I have just written – but for right now, I want to move on.

I could analyze the people side of this question – how our mental wiring (which is dependent on our brain’s wiring) got us into this strange situation. Some progress is being made in this direction (in Cognitive Neuroscience). But I am not capable of saying much about this.

I don’t know how the American people got the way they are – but I can see how they are, clearly enough. They have decided to not exist – and consider this a brilliant solution to their problems – when it is the worst possible solution – suicide, in effect.

But let me return to Software.I am capable of writing about this – since I worked in the Software Industry from 1980-2000, in California. This was like living in the middle of a huge explosion – with pieces flying in all directions. There was plenty of energy, but little understanding of what was happening. Now, forty years later, the dust has settled, and we can begin to see what is going on .

There was so much going on in Software, I didn’t know where to start. But gradually it became apparent that the User Interface (UX) was where I wanted to be. But I am now too old to work, and living in another country!

All I can do is write about this, in my blog.


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