The Self-Destructive Growth of Hatred

It’s no wonder people don’t notice what’s going on – ’cause what’s going on is so awful.

When did this begin? In the middle of the 19th Century, when everything went to hell. My analysis of what happened since then is simple – we were hated as small children, and we got even, as a result. And this success fed on itself. This much I can see for myself.

Why everything started then, I have no idea – but it must have been related to the explosion of new technologies back then. All this rapid change was too much – our minds were in a fragile state, and could not stand the shock.

We are not made of steel – much as we like to think otherwise.

Very gradually, as the Silicon Computer takes place of Steel Guns, we are taking another look around us – and at ourselves. All this emphasis on Information makes it clear that our clever minds (and brains) have a crucial role to play here.

We are not just consumers.


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