Making Better Things is Easy

Making better people is hard.

Things are easy to understand – and all you have to do with the complicated ones, is decompose them into their simpler parts.

But you cannot do that with people – who, when all is said and done, cannot be understood. They can be understood in this way, or that way, without number. But these concepts are always how we think about the interactions of huge numbers of huge molecules interacting in a huge number of ways.

Out of this, somehow, emerges a person and a people. And not in an orderly fashion – life is messy, very messy. And doesn’t always work.

This is what we are forced to say about our global society – it is not working. And no one knows how to patch it up.

What we have is lots of people (too many, really) doing lots of things – few of them conducive to their betterment.

It never occurs to them to make a better global society. They would consider such an idea ridiculous. They cannot even make their own society better.


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