Money and Morality

There always has been, and always will be a, conflict between these two. Beware of anyone who says otherwise. I should add that Morality is the same as Ethics.

I was taking a MOOC on Just Money – banking as though society mattered, from MIT, on edX. These gals were telling us how to do this, in considerable detail. And showed it could be done – and, indeed, is being done in a few places.

They did not explain why it was not happening in more places. That would have meant dealing with this hot potato that no one wants to handle.

Everyone wants to be moral (or at least thought to be moral) but everyone want to be rich also – or at least thought to be rich. The two categories in the human mind often overlap.

Sometime in the last several thousand years – we should have made it clear to ourselves that this was a problem, and a serious one. But we did not.

Christianity did not help. It started off well, with strong support for a poor, ascetic lifestyle. And this turned up often in later Christian movements – such as the Franciscans. But as the Christian Church developed, in the second and third centuries, it adopted Roman values and become wealthy.

This carried over easily into the world of Business- that became wealthy, and immoral.

And no one can understand why.


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