The Internet of Things (IOT)

I learned about this when I installed my Amazon Echo Dot. I never use it, and don’t recommend it. But it showed me one way the IOT can work.

The Internet of Things is the hottest new thing in the Computer World – and some people practically pee in their pants they are so excited about it. Now you can adjust the temperature of your house, remotely – if you have a smart thermostat.

The Echo Dot installs itself on a local network that is connected to the Internet by your computer. It can then send messages anywhere it wants and can receive messages from anywhere it wants. This could make it smarter – but it only makes it able to buy more stuff – from Amazon, of course.

The IOT is creating a huge security problem – with rogue devices able to do anything they please. And nobody is doing anything about this.

I am buying a new digital camera that is WiFi enabled. What on earth does this mean? It might mean that Cannon, who makes it, can see how well it works, as I use it – and even install updates to its software automatically. I would have no objection to this.

But I would like to know it is doing this, and be kept informed as it goes along. Microsoft does this with my Windows computer – every so often it does an update of its software.

People should shut down their computers every night and then restart them in the morning. But they do not do this – and wonder why their computers don’t work very well.

You gotta take care of your Computer, so it can take care of you.


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