What Feels Right

People do whatever feels right to them. And they get these feelings from the people around them.

But it is not quite that simple – people can react to their surroundings in many ways, some of them unpredictable and original.

Take the Industrial Revolution – that changed us suddenly and completely. This felt right to the people of the time – but what does that tell us? Practically nothing.

Except that human behavior is hard to understand. Somewhere in the dark, some kind of emotional reasoning is going on that is difficult to comprehend mentally.

We seem to be divided creatures – with a mind and a body that do not cooperate very well. Which gets me into the Mind-Body Problem – of which far smarter minds than mine have written copiously. What on earth can I add to this?

I can add my own experience of a painful, frustrated and high-tech life. That was not at all unusual. Only my reaction to it was unusual.

Everyone else’s reaction to my reaction, however – is typical: they are not interested in it. And we can take that as our starting point – people (most people) are not interested in much of anything. But are absolutely determined to ignore their ignorance.

This is an overstatement, of course – this is not a black and white situation. There are many shades of grey. But this spectrum does exist. Entertainment has taken the place of knowledge.

And this is what we should be paying attention to. Somewhere along the line, we blew it – and blew it big-time.


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