Being Good to People is Wrong

Maybe I should call this the Triumph of Trump. Because for most Americans, he represents the ideal American – since he is the opposite of what he should be.

Typical Americans are the same way – the opposite of what they should be. With one important addition – they are unaware of this.

This diagnosis is simple – so simple you have a right to be suspicious of it. How come no one else thought of this? Because it’s hard to believe that everyone (or almost everyone) could be this way.

People have no difficulty accepting the triumph of Christianity, because this makes them feel good. But my theory does not.

We know switches can be set in the brain – from the study of Linguistics. The Grammar of different languages (the way the brain is organized to comprehend them) is set one way or the other, depending on the language in use. The many exceptions in every language work this way – any small child learns them easily, stores these settings in her mind, and does not forget them.

It seems reasonable to me, that a switch could be set in the moral reasoning of the brain – to make good appear bad. This happens in the unconscious mind – so people are not aware of it.

This explains why many people deny the existence of the unconscious. They are not bad, they are sure – when they clearly are.

It also explains how Americans are not bothered by hostile social settings, such as those found in many offices. Because this feels normal to them, and not hostile at all.


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