Just Barely Works is Good Enough

This attitude has become nearly universal, and applies to everything that people do when looking at a TV or a Computer – including a smartphone.

Whether its a product or a service – it must not work very well. They will spend as little as possible to get something that just barely works. They do not feel comfortable with anything better.

You can easily prove me wrong, by pointing to things that do work well – and that sell well. People do like these things – as long as they are cheap, and the cheaper the better.

But manufacturers know that flashy products make the most money – and that buyers will not notice how poorly they work.

They want to feel they are getting something someone else is paying for.


One thought on “Just Barely Works is Good Enough

  1. this is one of the most cynical– and clever– observations ive read about technology.

    its not what you have that counts, its how “cool” people think it is. you dont even have to care if its cool yourself– if people that care think its cool, everyone will want it. if its crap, thats not important. that perfectly explains windows, up to and most of all windows 10.

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