People and Products

People plus products are better than people alone. Much better.

Merriam-Webster defines product as:

something produced by physical labor or intellectual effort :  the result of work or thought

I am not completely comfortable with that definition, perhaps I should have talked about technology instead. Or emphasized products of manufacturing.

What I am thinking of, frankly, is the attitude of my parent’s, and their generation. Which their children, my generation – have adopted, even though it doesn’t fit them very well. Since they have moved into a Computer Economy.

To understand ourselves now, we have understand ourselves fifty years ago. And believe me, this is not an easy job. It’s no wonder few want to do it.

Our parents identified with the boom economy of their time (with lots of jobs) – and the cars and houses that it produced. Now the good times are gone, their children don’t try to understand the passing of the good times – they just want them back!

This is true of any society undergoing huge changes – such as the Roman Empire in the 3rd Century. A few people understood what was going on – but the vast majority did not. When the Vandals sacked Rome, they could see that (but could hardly believe it). The only thing they could do was move to Northern Africa,  and adopt Christianity.

They could not realize that the Empire was gone, and gone completely. In the same way, Americans cannot realize that the American Empire is gone, and gone completely.


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