We Must be Hard on Ourselves

Otherwise, we will not be good enough.

I’m sure I’m on solid ground here. Most Americans will agree this is part of their personality – not a part that they approve of. But somehow or other, it is necessary anyway. If they don’t have it (and use  it) they will somehow fall short.

If they are not this way, they do not feel virtuous, proper, or dignified.

This attitude goes back to the Reformation, and is responsible for the affluence (or developed economy) that it produced. And for the hypocrisy that went along with it.

What were we trying to do? To become superhuman – and with Industrialization, and its marvelous machines, we discovered how to do this. We became like machines – driving ourselves as hard as we could.

Looking back at my childhood, growing up in an Industrial town in the Midwest, that had the Santa Fe Railroad on the West End of town – and the Sheaffer Pen Company  on the East End. I am certain this is how we felt – and were proud of it.

But it did not last. My home town (Ft. Madison, Iowa) is now part of the American Rust Belt, that its young people (including me) have abandoned.

Have Americans become more easy-going, now that the Computer can do most of their work for them? No. Habits die hard – especially this one.


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