Being Smart or Being Good

I prefer being good, but I know many people prefer being smart instead – and taking advantage of other people is part of this smart behavior.

This conflict must be built into human nature – people have about equal parts of good and evil in them. As the more observant of us have always noticed.

I have recently noticed that people can avoid noticing their unpleasant behavior – and this makes it go away, in their own minds. Black becomes as white as the driven snow – for them. And they are amply rewarded by a society obsessed with the same problem – not noticing their bad behavior.

I keep referring to an important period in my life – my five years of being married to to Beth. I keep asking myself – what was wrong with her? And have concluded that she could not be good to herself – or to me. She tried as hard as she could, but that was not built into her nature – it was not part of her family.

And frankly, was not part of my family either. And was not part of Midwestern behavior in the middle of the last Century that we grew up in. And is not part of the Trump government either.

Americans are saying, as loudly as they can “We are not like that!”


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