Overpowered by Power

The Merriam-Webster defines power as:

a position of ascendancy :  ability to compel obedience

Any social animal is acutely sensitive to power –  this is what makes it a social animal. But Humans have formed concepts of power – and given these concepts power over them.

History is full of examples. But the role of power in our time is nothing short of amazing. Especially as embodied in our Economy.

The history of this word goes back to the Greek, then the Latin, and then Christian usages. We can skip this long history, and just concentrate on what the Economy is now. Which is what the Money People are doing with everyone’s Money.

Who are these Money People? Or, to put it another way – how does the Economy work? I can state the question either way, because the People in today’s Economy are controlled by it – and not the other way around. As I have already stated – our concept of power controls us. And we do not want to change this strange state of affairs. In religious terms, the Economy has become God – and we must obey and serve Him.

We can, however, go back to the Economic Crisis of 2008 – and look at what happened then. When we lost our minds, and our Economy – at the same time. This collective craziness (and unethical behavior) is what makes our Economy so unstable.

Could we fix this? Yes, and fairly easily – but we would have to redesign the Economy, and the Banks, so that they are not affected by irrational social pressures.

We would have to take control again – but we are afraid to do this.


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