Trump is Out to Wreck Everything

When I was growing up, we were told we must be cheerful at work. Why? Because that covered up what was really going on – the destruction of the world. Especially the people in it.

How could people stand to do this? Because their sense of values had become reversed. Bad felt like good. And this is still the way they feel – in their unconscious minds, that determine how they behave.

A short historical review is in order.

Americans inherited a world, in the 18th Century, that liked people. But gradually, in the early 19th Century, about the time of the Presidency of Andrew Jackson, it became hostile to people – especially Slaves, Indians, and Women. Who, after all – were people.

At the same time, they inherited Industrialization from Britain. America, with its vast spaces, became the most Industrialized nation in the world – especially after its Civil War, that destroyed the agrarian South.

This resulted in a society dominated by its machines – with both good and bad results. The Robber Barons appeared, who controlled the Railroads, and Manufacturing – and (after a long struggle) a Middle Class, that wasn’t doing too badly.

This was America after WWII, when I came on the scene. A complicated world, but one hostile to children, and other people. There was a revolt against this, in the Sixties – but by the Eighties, this was over. A society hostile to people was in control.

Meanwhile, Television and the Computer happened. These made the majority of people stupid. They were stupid because they didn’t understand the Computer, that was now in control. A minority did understand the Computer, and benefited from it.

This set the stage for a vast conflict between the Industrial People and the Computer People. A conflict I just became aware of, as I write this. I only wish it were this simple – with the Computer People as the Good Guys – and the Industrial People as the Bad Guys.

I will have to back off, and admit the reality of the situation. Where the conflict between Industrial Era people and Computer Era people does exist. But this is mixed in with a lot more.

Including the appearance of Trump – who is both stupid and destructive.


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