The World is Bad, But We Are Good

My religious family took this for granted, back in the Fifties. Their neighbors thought this an extreme position – but one they could tolerate. After all the RLDS were normal in every other way.

During the next fifty years, or so – a lot changed. And Americans decided to adopt the same attitude themselves, but in a more extreme form. Since people are part of their World – they must be destroyed, along with it. But this belief,  and and the actions resulting from it – had to be pushed into their Collective Unconscious. Where they can be safely denied.

An example of this, was the transition of LBJ’s Great Society into the Vietnam War.And more recently, the election of Trump. Both of these were sudden events – but the basis  for them had been building, in the background,  for some time. The belief in an evil world, that will be destroyed in the Later Days – is part of our Christian heritage.

Americans are now living in another Reality – one they constructed themselves. Other countries have also adopted this position – and rejected the liberal attitudes, that were once common – in favor of more authoritarian ones.


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