The Romantic vs the Technical

My example for how manage this conflict, when I was a boy was my Father. Who did play in a band (preferably a Military band). And had a Romantic notion of the wonderful future technology was going to provide for us. He never noticed, when this future never arrived.

His hometown (and mine also) was Ft. Madison, Iowa, a typical Midwestern Industrial town – with the Santa Fe Railroad on the West End of town – and the Sheaffer Pen Company on the East End. He owned a photography studio there – where newly married couples went to have have their picture taken – in dazzling black and white. Ft. Madison is now part of the Rust Belt – with all its buildings standing vacant. It was a city with a future – it now is a city with a past.

Americans have never asked themselves “What happened?” Answering this question would meant taking a careful look at what happened, and why it happened. Americans have decided instead – that the proper approach, would be to not think about it at all. Thinking would only make them feel bad – and they want to feel good.

It never occurs to them that an honest appraisal of their past might make them feel good also.

Being stupid feels so good, they cannot imagine anything better.


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