What Has the Computer Done For Us?

It has opened up a new world, a new way of thinking, and new way of being. That we have, for the most part – ignored and misused.

I speak with some authority here, because I spent 20 years of my life, 1980-2000, in the Computer Industry, in California. And I have the battle scars to prove it.

Only recently, after I moved to Costa Rica, and have settled down with a laptop with a high-speed Internet access – with time to think about things – that the dust has settled enough for me to see at little of what is going on – which most people cannot (or will not) see at all.

I became determined, once again – to figure out how the Computer works – by understanding its programming.

Most people do not want to understand it – but only want to use it – with as little effort, on their part, as possible. They are stupid, and want to stay that way. I have referred to this as our Big Problem – and will not deal with it in this posting.

There are many ways of learning Programming – all them showing how something. written in a software language, can be turned into something the Computer can understand. And the Computer, in response, can produce output that People can understand.

We have gained access to another world – made of Silicon, not flesh and blood. That works in microseconds, not the tens of milliseconds that a nervous system requires.

What does this mean, as a practical matter? It means most people will no longer have jobs!

And the jobs that are left, will require computer skills – high level computer skills, not just the ability to fill out computer forms.


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