A World That is Not Good for People

This is the world I was born into, in Ft. Madison, Iowa, in 1936 – and which kept getting worse. This period, the last half of the 20th Century to whenever, will no doubt be remembered as unusual, even by human standards.

It will end – when things could not possibly get any worse.

This can be understood using the process of addiction:

  1. We discovered something new that made us feel wonderful, that we could not resist – but was addictive.
  2. This something was some kind of techno-social development – probably what we refer to as Industrialization. But whatever it was, it made us feel superhuman – like demigods.
  3. And as demigods we were superior to ordinary human beings – and could exploit them as we pleased.

History buffs will recognize that this has happened many times before – most notably with the Roman Empire. That kept getting better (for the Romans) but worse for everyone else.

All this results in two classes of people – the exploiters and the exploited. And one more class – those that serve the exploiters, that they cannot get along without.

This analysis makes it possible to predict what will happen, in general terms. Those at the top, the exploiters (and their sycophants) will keep getting more and more – until there is no more to get.

When there will be an abrupt collapse.


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