Business Ethics

I am living in a time where the gap between what Americans say they are, and what they actually are – is immense. And no one seems to find this surprising. “That’s just the way it is!” they will say. As if this justifies anything.

I have recently bought a couple of new digital cameras – and have been shocked by the problems I ran into trying to use them. Aren’t these companies trying to protect their brand names?

I brought down an older digital camera from the shelf where it had been gathering dust, took out the CDs for installing it, and went through the installation process. This was straightforward cookbook stuff – do this, do this, and you will get that. And sure enough, the camera worked fine, and I can save my stuff from my camera, to my computer!

I now hang it around my neck when I go on my bicycle rides – in case I see something I want to take a photo of, or a video, of.

If I see something interesting, I have to work fast – to make sure my camera sees it before it goes away!


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