The Human Mind

This continues to fascinate and baffle me – as it should. I am alarmed by the many people who are not interested in it at all. How can they not be interested in themselves?

The answer seems to be, that they are interested in something derived from the mind – but is no longer human itself. Words fail me here, what on earth am I talking about?

We have no words for this – but can easily see it in action, in the way people treat each other. Perhaps a story would help.

I was married to a beautiful, intelligent – but crazy young woman, back in the Sixties. I was working for the Army, at the time – helping to develop its version of the Atomic Bomb. We decided that she should work also – so I got her a job working for the same place.

The first morning she went to work, I got an emergency call from her supervisor – asking me to came at once, because she was upsetting the office – with her strange behavior. She had freaked out – because the office atmosphere was more than she could handle, emotionally.

She could tell, instinctively, what an office was really like – a cruel, inhuman place, and she wanted no part of it.

Most people have no problem with this – and fit into an office easily. Their minds have been altered, so they are no longer human minds. But are the something else, I am trying to describe.

These people hate people – although the word people refers to something different in their minds. It may refer to a member of the opposite sex, a different religion, or a different race. Anyone who is perceived as different, in some way.

They become destructive – because they see the world around them as different from themselves.


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