Understanding Power in our Time

This should be one of our primary obsessions – to understand how power works on us now. But we are not doing this – and seem to think, the less we think about this (or anything else) the better off we will be. Power is so powerful in our time – because no one wants to think about it – or know about it.

How did this happen? I think it happened, because things got out of control, and we did not want to admit this. That they were in control, and not us. This was revealed in the Panics in our Economy – over which we had no control. We could not control it – but it could control us!

The next step was crucial – we decided we were the problem, and we had to eliminate us – by deciding to not be, and getting us out of the picture. Once we were gone, things could work right again!

This is clearly insane – but like all insanity, it has its own strange logic, imbedded in that crucial step – where we decided against ourselves. It was such an easy solution, it had to be right! And those in power agreed with this solution – get people (with their human needs) out of the way, and let Power take over!

This fits in with our religious background, and our belief in God. Power was God! As He was revealing Himself in our time.

No one made this claim out loud – but they did’t have to. It was kept safely in our collective unconscious – where it could act, without our being aware of it.

And act, it most certainly did.


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