How to Share Your Videos

Palomo School

The easiest way to deal with videos, is to not make them in the first place. But if you are determined to be different (like me) I can show you how to do this easily. This is what the Computer is for now – to manage large amounts of data.

And you will get large amounts of data, because video files consist of hundred of photos strung end to end.

Most applications want to charge you extra for using videos. But Google is ahead of them in using the Cloud – where storage is cheap. I won’t explain the Cloud to you – just take it from me, that it does this magic stuff for you – for practically nothing. Google calls this serviceĀ You Tube.

The Palomo School is in Palomo – a little town across the river from Oroso, where I live. And where I often go for a bicycle ride. Its scenic country, with not much traffic.

As I was riding by, I saw a lot of students and parents lined up outside the entrance to the school – evidently waiting for school to open. Parents have to accompany their children to and from school – why I do not know.

So I made a video – but I did not do a good job of it. I should have done a long sweep from left to right, showing more of the school (with its large trash containers) – giving you a better feel for the place.

Making videos is far different from making photos – and I am just learning this out.

This is what you have to do:

  1. Make a video, using a digital camera or a smartphone.
  2. Upload this video to your computer.
  3. Upload it from your computer to You Tube. It will give you an Internet address you can use to access your video (as I did in this posting) and you can also send this address to your friends, so they can see your video also.

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