Out of Touch with Reality

I am sometimes this way myself – who isn’t? But I try to not get too far out of touch. I am a firm believer in Reality, and I worry about people who are not in touch with it.

I had a strong taste of this, when I was married for five years. Beth was out of touch, and could not be helped with her problem. She seemed to think her reality was better than the real one – that she was not interested in at all.

Since I insisted on staying real – she kicked me out of her life – no doubt thinking that this solved her problem. It did not, and four years later, she killed herself.

Her situation was typical, she was in deep pain – but not aware of this. When people are this way, their behavior is erratic – they will do anything to relieve their pain – trying one thing after another – but none of them work.

No one can tell them “You are crazy!”Even though they certainly are. All we can do is watch, while their condition worsens.

This also applies to groups of people. They can go crazy also – completely crazy, and self-destruct. This has happened many times in the past – and is happening now, in many places.


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