The Miracle of the Computer

People have always been religious, and these religions have taken many forms. The most recent one being the Computer.

It certainly did not start out to be a religion – it was just a mechanical calculator. But with the addition of Software, that made it easy to modify, and to expand its behavior – it became a miracle!

I can now sit, in my pajamas, in front of my laptop computer, with a fast Internet connection – and write this blog, that will reside on the computer Cloud. Another miracle, composed entirely of cheap hardware, located all over the place, united by miraculous software.

I was part of this religion from 1980-2000, in high-tech California – when some religious wars took place. No one was killed – but blood flowed between the cubicles. And companies arose and died like mushrooms growing on manure. This was too crazy for me, I had to get out, and I now live in Costa Rica.

The worst kind of people were attracted to it – because this was where the money was! And a lot more people (like me) who only wanted a job. The Hardware World was ending and the Software World was taking over.

The few who were able to join this religion – able to become new persons, baptized in the blood of this new religion – were rewarded with positions of power.

Those who were left out in the cold – went crazy, and proceeded to wreck everything. Everyone can see this wrecking, with the election of Trump. But few are aware of the new religion that is destroying the previous religion.

Changes this fundamental always happen under the hood – where few can see them.


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