The Appeal of Destructive Behavior

The appeal of destructive behavior is built into the Human species – and manifests itself most readily in war.

Usually, this behavior is referred to, in the abstract – as violence.But I prefer the more general word – destructive. We can see this most readily during times in the past, when groups of people destroyed each other – and themselves. They were possessed by a destructive frenzy.

We have to ask ourselves “What precipitates this destructive frenzy?” In our times, it seems to be – unconscious dissatisfaction with the present situation, coupled with the inability to understand it.

People become unhappy with the way their world is treating them – but are not allowed to consciously experience this – so it gets shoved into their unconscious. Where it festers, until it explodes.

Our first learning experience is as small children – most of what we learn, we learn in the first three years of our lives – and probably even before we are born. The fetus knows very well, the attitude of its mother to it.

If a small child is treated badly, what can he (or she) do about it? This is a huge decision, and everything depends on it. He will try to adopt other people’s solutions.- which usually, is to deny the problem exists – and, as part of this solution, move it into their unconscious. The rest of his life, he will live with this time-bomb buried in his mind.

If we are rejected, we adopt different personalities, that will be accepted – but we never feel satisfied with them – and social instability builds up.

The only solution is a complete restructuring of society – which is going on right now, with a move towards a Software economy. Whether this will save us, or not – remains to be seen.


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